Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review Kidoozie Princess Castle Toy Box, Very pleased

The few days before. I'm looking for information on the Kidoozie Princess Castle Toy Box, so i would like to describe here.

Kidoozie Princess Castle Toy Box

With Kidoozie's Princess Castle Toy Box clean up can be fun With stunning princess castle graphics this colorful sturdy toy box will have your little one begging to organize. Top removes completely no hinges to pinch little fingers. Sized 18.5"wide 12.5" tall and 11" deep. From the Manufacturer Princess castle graphics on this colorful sturdy toy box makes clean up fun. Top removes .... Read more or Check Price

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Comments from other users

Large box of toys for a room lil princesses a lil small but expected of reviews dimensions shown by Jeffery Diaz

very nice. I used this as a trunk to put her princess dress up clothes. Works great . by Diane Potts

Holds much more than I expected to and is very robust. Both my kids can sit on it without problems . by Sara M. Smith

very robust. Good size and is very nice. "I use it to keep Lego set all my daughter in one place .""Lo uso per tenere set Lego tutta la mia figlia di in un unico luogo .""""""it""I use it to"1truefalse985040"keep"2truefalse985450"Lego set"3truefalse999570"all my"4truefalse999790"daughter"5truefalse9999100"in one place"6truefalse97810130"."7falsefalse98813140"Lo uso per"1"I use it to"985truefalse"Use it to"0truefalse"I use it for"0truefalse"I use it"0truefalse"Use it for"0truefalse010"Lo uso per tenere set Lego tutta la mia figlia di in un unico luogo .""tenere"2"keep"985truefalse"hold"0truefalse"keep in"0truefalse"take"0truefalse"keeping"0truefalse1117"""set Lego"3"Lego set"999truefalse1826"""tutta la mia"4"all my"999truefalse"all of my"0truefalse"throughout my"0truefalse"my entire"0truefalse"my whole"0truefalse2739"""figlia di"5"daughter"999truefalse"daughter of"0truefalse"the daughter of"0truefalse4049"""in un unico luogo"6"in one place"978truefalse"all in one place"0truefalse"in one location"0truefalse"in a single place"0truefalse"into one place"0truefalse5067"""."7"."988falsefalse6869"""Lo uso per tenere set Leg tutta la mia figlia di in un unico luogo ."6"it"113 by Farfalla


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